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Our Services

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning and Remanufacturing

A3 Global UAE FZ, partnered with OWS automotive, brings to UAE the world’s industry standard for hybrid battery reconditioning using state of the art technology we recondition worn hybrid batteries bringing them back to manufacturer’s standards and┬áreconditioning to UAE’s standards saving customer’s thousands and doing your part to save the environment.

Hybrid Vehicle Fleet Services

A3 Global offers specialized design and reverse engineering services to produce obsolete parts, ensuring the longevity of your fleet. With over 50 years of expertise in quality process design, we provide technical support to fulfill your needs seamlessly.

Hybrid Battery Inspection Diagnosis and Repair

A3 Global refurbishes old, worn, or non-functional products to like-new condition, offering the same quality and performance as new items but at a significantly lower cost. We specialize in major overhauls and modifications for degraded, inoperable, or obsolete items, ensuring extended usability and value.

Hybrid Electric Transportation Solutions

A3 Global specializes in enhancing battery performance through electrochemical equipment manufacturing and custom electronics, focusing on hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning and more. Additionally, we offer services to repair, remanufacture, repurpose, and sell hybrid batteries, extending their lifespan affordably while advancing electrochemical technologies and education globally.

About Us

A3 Global ensures the continuity of vital operations through the design, production, and distribution of crucial vehicle components and electrification solutions. Leveraging decades of experience across automotive, engineering, and technology sectors, we pioneer next-generation mobility solutions within a circular economy framework.

We provide OEM and remanufactured products, conduct remanufacturing, and provide design and consulting services in the aerospace & defense, fleet, electric vehicle & technology, and commercial aviation markets in the UAE.

Our Experience

Over 60 years of engineering, sourcing, and distribution of automotive, heavy duty and military replacement parts

50 years of OE Tier one level quality process design and control

Extensive remanufacturing and reverse engineering experience for obsolete and hard to get parts

Technical and process support for maintenance and overhaul

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